Leaving Cert higher level - Easter Revision Course

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Leaving Cert Higher Level - Easter Revision Course

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This Online Easter Revision Course is a must for students looking to maximise their result in this year’s Leaving Cert exam. Covering all the core areas of the curriculum, the course focuses on what you need to know, how to recognise what you’re being asked and how to answer questions in an exam context. The course also offers tips, hints and strategies to succeed in this year’s exam.

Leaving Cert Higher Level - Easter Revision Course

Course Content
  • Week 1 - Day 1: Algebra, Indices/Logs, Complex Numbers
  • Week 1 - Day 2: Sequences & Series, Financial Maths
  • Week 1 - Day 3: Functions, Calculus, Integration
  • Week 2 - Day 1: Trigonometry
  • Week 2 - Day 2: Geometry, Co-Ordinate Geometry (Line & Circle)
  • Week 2 - Day 3: Probability & Statistics

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