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At Mathsplanations I specialise in online maths tuition. Whether you want to enroll for a specific term or require help across various topics, I am here to help. Affordable maths grinds from as little as €2 per class. 

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Robert Keane

Founder & Teacher

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Free Online Prep Classes

Leaving Certificate Higher Level

Thursday 10th (Paper 1 ) & Sunday 13th (Paper 2) @ 7pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81396788926

Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level

Thursday 10th (Paper 1 ) & Sunday 13th (Paper 2) @ 8pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84576337650

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My mission is to provide the best maths grinds around through my unique blend of teaching and interactive class delivery.

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What I Specialise In

Leaving Certificate - Honours Level Maths

Covering the complete Leaving Certificate curriculum over 35 classes throughout the academic year and supplemented with 15 recorded revision videos that offer exam strategies, tips and hints.

Leaving Certificate - Ordinary Level Maths

A 35 week course from September to June, that encompasses the entire Leaving Cert Ordinary level curriculum. It also includes revision videos that offer exam hints, tips and strategies.

5th & TY - Honours Maths

This course is geared towards pupils in TY or 5th year hoping to take the Honours Paper for Leaving Cert. The step up from Junior Cert Higher level to Leaving Cert Honours is quite significant. This course makes the transition that bit easier by breaking the course down into small manageable sections and focusing on the Mathematical procedures that underpin the course whilst introducing them to the new concepts they will be learning over the next few years.

Junior Certificate - All Levels

A course that runs for a duration of 35 weeks and covers the entire Junior Certificate curriculum. As with my other courses this will also be supplemented with 15 revision videos to enhance pupils learning.

1st & 2nd Year - Fundamentals

Aimed at those who may have had a bad experience with Maths up until this point or those who find it challenging, this course is designed to show the fun element of Maths and to change perceptions or misconceptions that pupils may have. Focusing on key skills and strategies that they will need throughout their second level education.

Robert Keane

Founder & Teacher

Because I love maths

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What students are saying?

At the start of the year I was struggling big time with Maths. I started with Robbie last October and I can say that I have not been struggling since. Not only did he teach me certain topics in Maths but he also helped me realise the different ways you can approach questions by thinking them out.

At the start of the year my Maths teacher was looking for me to drop to Ordinary level and I would have had to drop only I went to the classes with Robbie each week. I found the way he thought Maths was far easier than the way my school teacher did. He breaks down every little thing in certain questions and is happy to go over it 3 or 4 times until he is sure that you understand it.

Not only did Robbie help me in the classes but if I got homework from school that I was struggling with I could drop him an email and he’d give me a dig out with it.

Would highly recommend him to anyone sitting exams.
Padraic Downey
LC Higher Level Student 2020
Robbie is a great teacher. My daughter has been with him the last 2 years for higher level leaving cert maths and the confidence he has given her and the encouragement he has shown is fantastic. sadly she will not get to sit the leaving cert this year but should she need to sit the maths paper after the predictive grades we will definitely be calling on Robbie again for his knowledge and help. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing help. Thanks Robbie.
Edel Flynn Meier
Parent of a LC Student 2020

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